Kasss the Kobler invites you to look at her extensive selection of foot wear. Most of these where made to go with a specific outfit but many will complement several outfits.

Mid Nite Bunnies Gift Wrapped Bunnies Love Bunnies ladies and guys
Autumn Heels Simple Black Heels Creamy Yellow, Navy and Purple Passion Heels Autumn Plum Cubans
Old Lace Shoes Black Cat Shoes Red and Black Dressy Heels
Tarocco Shoes Anne Marie Shoes Slip-on Heels
Black, Brown, Olive and Tan Leather Boots Spring Dreams Boots Simple Black Boots
Dragon's Hollow Boots Beige Laced Boots Boots in Black
Taupe Boots Burgundy Boots

Day Off Flips Coral, Cyan and Midnight Summer Breeze Flips Shipwreck Flips
Olive Flips Sun Kissed Flips Flowers on White Flips
April Fling Sandals Autumn Warm Hiking Boots
Boat Shoes Natural Boat Shoes Bronzed Loafers V1
April Loafers April in Bleach Loafers Bronzed LoafersV2
Barrel Boy Boots Barrel Guy Boots

And a total few seconds of crazyness ... La Folie, now retired

Kasss Designs