The Lost Treasure

1 - Introduction - Scarlet Backblister

Three hundred and forty two years ago a very strange thing happened. Five sworn enemies decided to call a truce to their lifelong and bitter feud. They were pirates, scum of the open seas, and not worth the salted water they sailed upon. Or so did other sea captains think of them. In truth, these pirates were not much worse than some of the privateers that were within law to pursue and raid enemy warships but often tripped over the honourable meaning of the Lettres de Marques issued by their sovereign.

The feud was originally one of survival, competition was fierce and it was hard to find a ship fair game to board without also coming upon one of the other 4 pirate captains aiming to do just the same. Calling the truce became a reason of survival as well. The captains were ageing, well into their mid 40’s, and they each wanted to retire and enjoy their spoils in their golden years. With this in mind - a choice of dying in one last fiery battle or making some sort of peace - it eventually came to be that they met and signed an agreement.

The main part of this agreement was that together they were to bury a sizeable treasure, somewhere on an island they all agreed upon. A map would be drawn, torn into 5 pieces each sealed into a bottle and set out to float off on the ocean. The map was drawn and torn and the pirates were never heard from again…until today, September 15, 2008.

What must be known is that the map was torn in such a way that each individual piece would not help anyone who found it, all 5 pieces would be needed to retrieve the treasure. Each captain of course would have written of the treasure in a journal but still, without a map, anyone would be hard pressed to actually find it since it had been so well hidden. Only the complete map would do the trick.

Embark, if you dare, on this epic voyage and let us tell you the story of those 5 pirates of long ago. As you complete each of these quests for lost treasure you will be brought closer to the truth of what really happened that fateful night in 1666.

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You’ve read about Scarlet, now follow the story of young Walter as he tracks down captain Scumbucket.

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3-Captain Conch and Tuttle

Captain Scumbucket has met his fate. Onward to learn about another pirate.
Link to Kasss’s first clue Doid 592203126

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4-Pink Eye Pete

Bridget has some difficult decisions to make, what will she do? Keep reading as we now follow the trail of Pink Eyed Pete and his descendants.

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5-Rob N. Reckonwith

Hopefully you are keeping your stories, and pirates, straight! The last tale tells of scoundrel Rob N. Reckonwith.

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6- Regrouping the troops

When Bridget arrived at the co-ordinates found from the various clues left behind by captain Conch, she stood at the ship’s railing and wondered what now. They had sailed into a channel it seemed and nothing surrounding them offered any suggestion of what to do next or where to go. They tried landing on the opposing shores but still could find nothing of help. After several hours of useless search they gave in and returned to Ootay. On the way there Bridget recalled meeting Brianna a few days prior and her mention of a friend at the UOT who may be of help. Perhaps Brianna could still be found at the Gaskill’s.

While Bridget and her crew were searching the shores of Comet, Brianna was exchanging emails with Peter. She had finally convinced him to travel to Ootay to meet up with her. As he was packing the essentials for the trip he was explaining to Walter what Brianna needed him for. Walter asked who Brianna was and Peter explained she was a good friend and showed him a picture where several people were laughing into the camera. Wow! Thought Walter to himself, that’s the girl I saw going into the library the other day!

After explaining his own search for his long lost relative’s treasure they both agreed that an extra set of eyes or hands might help so Walter ran off to do his own packing and they were soon on their way.

The next day, with the arrival of Peter, Walter and Bridget, the tavern became very crowded. Introductions were made and they all sat down at a corner table to exchange stories and look at each other’s documents.

Suddenly they heard footsteps approaching and looking up Peter exclaimed “Amanda! I’ve been so worried about you. Sit here and tell me what the heck is going on.” Once Peter made the introductions, Amanda explained her recent adventures and pulled out the fifth and final piece of the map. After several hours of deliberation they all agreed that they would leave in the morning and sail over to the co-ordinates Bridget had in her notes.

7- At Channel

Once at the channel they knew they were on the right path for the Lost Treasure. The map told them all they needed to know. As the five peered over it, they all agreed that The Docks were their next destination since they had to buy supplies anyway. Off they went to run down the dock master.

8-At Docks

He was a hard man to find but find him they did taking a break in a quiet spot. While Peter and Amanda went over their shopping list with him Brianna and Walter strolled along the wharf. Strong bonds were being created between all five but these two seemed to have something special happening to them.

While at the docks the group spotted a lighthouse out in the water. Knowing they were close to their goal they decided that an overhead view of the area would be helpful. That lighthouse would be just right for that so it was to be their next stop.

9-At Lighthouse

They ran up the steps to the upper most part of the tower and stared down. At a distance they could see rocks, waterfalls, half sunken ships and various odds and ends. This seemed to be an abandoned Shipyard. On one side of it Walter spotted what could be a cavern! Back down the stairs they went and sailed over to what indeed was a grotto.

10- End Story – 5 years later

They rowed into the little cave and stopped dead in their tracks. They had found it!

As they stared wide eyed at the riches spread out in front of them each thought long and hard about the long road they had travelled to get here. What an adventure this had been.

The torch lit up the cavern and reflected a warm light off the moving water in the pool. Tropical fish swam around in circles hiding behind the rocks when movement was detected. The waterfall’s sound was a constant reminder of where they were. They met hear each year on the anniversary of their common find to celebrate many things, not the least of which the friendship and respect that bound them together.

Each recounted the events of the past year in turn and when all had spoken Bridget took a bottle out of the water where it had been cooling and poured wine into each of their cups. She was now the very happy owner of Kantana’s Antiques, Madame Zephyr having retired and sold her the business.

Walter and Brianna had gotten married and were still very much in love. Brianna had even confided that they would be new parents in a few months. Walter was a historian and never tired in his search for Tiki lore of past years. Brianna was his invaluable aide and they were co-authoring a book that related the days of piracy on their world.

Peter had wonderful job at the physics laboratory of the UOT, had also written a book and now had 2 children of his own to whom he retold the stories his father used to tell him as a child. He loved watching their wide eyes and being begged for “just one more dad!” His friend, the old Sea Dog, returned to Ootay, started an egg farm and cashed in on all the chickens.

Amanda had finally been able to prove her innocence in the texture thefts. The UOT had issued many apology letters to various design firms and a very public one to Amanda herself on the main campus grounds. Vindicated, she refused all offers of employment, found a new crew for her father’s ship and offered sailing vacations to any who could afford it. She still designed, it was in her blood, but at her own pace and for her own enjoyment.

Our friends had forged their own Brethen of the Coast and it was a friendship that would endure through the years to come.