Questing is a passion for some of us. The search for clues, the story telling, the challenge of puzzles or of finding where that picture was taken...

Some people enjoy questing on their own and some prefer the company of friends as they travel the beautiful world of There. Whichever is your prefered method, once you have been bitten you are always on the look-out for one more adventure!

From doing quests it is a natural step to start writing quests. There are never enough to keep one busy :-) We have many talented writers in There and each brings his or her own special style to the clue kit. It is hard work putting a good quest together and the only rewards are the thank-you we get from the participants. So, thank you all who write, thank you all who quest and appreciate the efforts.


SQW is a group of 5 questers, and quest writers, that have pooled their experience and love of questing to create one large adventure. Aveena, Kasss, MeadowAngel, Neema and NyteLyte invite you to follow our stories as they intermingle and build to the conclusion that ties them all together. For the purpose of publishing, we have removed questions posed to advance.

SQW presents

The Lost Treasure