Ren Fair Outfits

Le Biz Le Biz Skirt
Brocade bodice and layered skirt Green bodice and Hunter green skirt Special order only 1 in world - Lady Maries
Royalty Ren Fair

Autumn (07) Autumn Warmth (07)

Autumn Plum (08)

Mix n match - Pencil skirt, standard skirt, Autumn Plum pants and Autumn Plum top

Fall 08

A perfect mix n match! 6 different items, 1 top and 5 bottoms

Skirts - Belted Shitake skirt, Extended Shitake skirt and Belted Olive skirt with textured stockings

Pants - Belted Olive Stretch pants and Extended Shitake Stretch pants

Greypes Raspberry Cream Bronzed
Blossom Pink Hostess

Summer Party

Purple Flower Red Flower Old Lace
True Blue
Spring Dreams
April Fling Fleur Bleue
Simply Summer
Here is another of my first designs

Kasss Designs